Ehhhhh my brain is god damn exploding with frustration over the increasing amount of bullsh*t promises made out there by business "experts". And rants/chats with ma gurl Lanna Hill today got me even more irate coz we both see it over and over again and want it to stopppppp.

I try and stay in the chill zone and trust that people will see through the crap, but what scares me is that a lot of people don't. And you know why? Because they are vulnerable.

When you start a business, you are more vulnerable than you have ever been. So it makes sense that anything that promises to make things better quickly (eg. 30 days, 60 days, 10 days, 6 months) is something that you are drawn to. Because you are working SO frigging hard and it's tough. Totally get it. You're rock stars for even giving it a god damn go, let's be honest.

But here's the thing...businesses go through phases and stages, and every business is different. YES of course there are things that every business can do to build and succeed. Totally agree. It's what I do with clients every damn day.

But anyone promising to "triple your turnover in 30 days with these three easy steps" or telling you that "unless you are earning "x" amount a week then you are doing things wrong" is feeding you a bullsh*t sales tactic that is preying on your vulnerability.

I could go on for HOURRSSSSS about all of these tactics. I could also go on for DAYSSSS about why it's important to look at your business on its own merit and not compare it to other people's stories. WHICH by the way can very commonly be just that....stories created to hook you in. Not actual results achieved.

But to save the super rant on all of that, I just want to leave you with a few reminders for now.

👉🏼 Business growth and stability take time. And effort. Anybody promising you a fast track to success is generally full of sh*t. Work with people that improve you, your systems and your understanding of what you are doing. NOT those that promise you dollar signs and magic potions.

👉🏼 Anybody telling you (or implying) that you aren't doing well enough because you aren't earning "x" amount of money per month "like them" is a jerk. Your business journey is yours and you can go at the pace that is right for you.

👉🏼 Path to success: learning, doing, pivoting and patience. Repeat. About a gazillion times. You are not failing because you aren't "there" yet, you're still on your way. All businesses take time, most take at least 2-3 years before they see the light at the end of the tunnel.

👉🏼 Ride the quick wins and successes along the way with a HUGE smile on your face because you earned them. F*ck yes you deserved them. But always remember the long game is where it's at. You gotta build something that will stand the test of time.

👉🏼 Aim to build a business that will work for you, not one that becomes a burden and has you forgetting everything else that is important in life.

👉🏼 Don't think doing the same thing over and over because it worked the first time will get you there. Hold onto the courage and keep exploring like you did when you started your business. Trust that instinct.

👉🏼 Surround yourself with people who feed your heart and soul, push you to keep going towards what you want, let you change path and fumble without judgement, tell you the truth when you need it (not the easy reply) and most importantly - those who remind you it's ok to be human through it all.

And finally..

👉🏼 Do business with integrity. Always.

Please oh please, don't fall into the trap of the snake charmers. You work too frigging hard to waste resources on all dat bullshit out there.

Kerrie ✌🏼



I was recently interviewed by one of my absolute faves Ashley from Fusion Biz Babes. Ash is heading up one of the best business networking communities I have come across in my many years in business. If you are looking for a genuine group of fellow hustlers to share the ride with, look no further. 

Ash wanted to talk RAW, and that's exactly what we did. It can be a little daunting, but one of the best things we can do as business owners is to be truthful about the ups AND the downs, revealing the realities behind the social media highlight reel, so others can learn from our mistakes and take inspiration from the wins. Knowing you aren't alone in the chaos is bloody great, right? 

If you missed it on Boss Mode Radio last week, good news - the ladies have shared the recording with us - thanks Demelza & Ash!

As much as I love to share my story, I will never get used to listening to my own voice - it's a special kind of (cringe-worthy) torture. 


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This went out with our Control Freak diaries this week, and WHY we chose this quote is relevant for everyone. It's not just swear words made to look all pretty and stuff (even though it totally does coz Ivette rocks). 

It's an important reminder, and we all need to hear it from time to time.

Every time someone tells you that you should give up on your business and get a job because it's easier or "the right thing to do"...

Every time someone tells you that you don't do things the "right" way or like everyone else...

Every time someone tells you that you're too confident or controversial...

Every time someone tells you that you are too old or too young...

Every time someone's jealousy of what you have worked DAMN hard to achieve comes to the surface...

And every god damn time someone says "you're sooooo lucky to have what you have" and then covers you in their negative vibes....


You need to shake that shit off and pat yourself on the back. 

And in case you aren't quite there yet..please remember that we are proud of you, your hard work, your amazing achievements, for still getting up in the morning when things are going shit, for showing up and for having the courage to give living on your terms a shot.

K x