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Hi, I'm Kerrie. Small business owner of 3, mother of 2 and corporate world "survivor".

After 22 years of business experience, I now spend my days supporting
small business owners, leaders and up-and-comers to think beyond "other people's rules" and play by their own. Whether it's developing brand confidence, business strategy or accountability - excuses are left at the door, boundaries are pushed and change is made.



So, what brings you here?

Kerrie has been a part of my business from the beginning. She has not only help revolutionise my brand, she is a wealth of knowledge having been there and walked the path in more than one business. Kerrie made a huge impact on the growth of Pure Home Body assisting in the 427% growth we have seen in the past 18 months. I absolutely adore the Kerrie and find her a source of support, guidance and kick ass truth, often seeking her advice in moves I make with Pure Home Body. She asks the questions that get you thinking and looks at your business from an outsiders perspective that genuinely wants to see you achieve your fullest potential. Thanks for being a great mentor and #ghettomumma. Cara Little, Pure Home Body
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